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The Teen Challenge Cincinnati Men’s Ranch is a faith based, drug and alcohol treatment center for men ages 18 and up. Character based training along with a spiritual emphasis gives new identity and purpose to one’s life. Operating at a capacity of 21, situated in a rural setting on over 130 acres, we specialize in an individualized, mentoring approach to overcoming life’s obstacles.

Men earn GED if necessary


Men reside at the Ranch for 6 or more months depending on their desire to accomplish advanced phases or enter our Re-Entry phase while working.

The academic portion of the program consists of approximately 25%+ of the students overall time and is tied to drawing a greater awareness to previous experience, relational and choice issues and solutions.

If applicable, GED is mandatory for completion.
Tutoring is provided.

Equipment maintenance mower

Life Skill Training:

• Discipline
• Inter personal skills
• Marriage Relationship Education
• Public speaking
• Housekeeping
• Cooking
• Maintenance
• Landscaping
• Agriculture
• Career Consulting
• Job Placement opportunities

Our Stories


No Longer Looking Over My Shoulder

“From alcohol to heroin, from the crack pipe to the syringe and from petty theft to aggravated robbery. I was focused solely on myself and what I wanted. That was a battle fought with many failures. I was broke, busted, and disgusted of who I was and what I had become.”

Tyler Schriever

Tyler S.

Relational Way of Life

“When I was nineteen, I was in a car wreck that led to a surgery on my right femur. Two months later, I was fully addicted to pain pills. The prescription stopped but the addiction did not.”

Tyler Barnes Family

Tyler B.

Forever Altered

“Life before Teen Challenge was almost not worth living. I welcomed death, I even hoped for it. In my eyes I was not worth saving. I thought I was on my own and had to do it on my own. I used whatever I could and whomever I could. I was always masking the problems and never facing them.”

Terrance Turner and Family Graduate


Becoming Habitually Selfless

I came to Teen Challenge Cincinnati Men’s Ranch because of my drug addiction. I was full of hate, unforgiveness, self-hatred and had a victim mentality. My relationships were broken. I isolated myself. I was at a place where I couldn’t help myself and least of all my family. I couldn’t go on any longer with my addiction as I was losing my will to live.

Jeff Deppe and family


Freedom For My Life

“My world that I built based on lies and deception was falling apart, due to poor life-style choices I had made and due to living a life apart from God. I was severely addicted to gambling and drank heavily to numb the pain of it. I had lost a relationship with my 7 month pregnant fiancé just two days before our wedding.”

Men's Admission Director, Rick Davis

Rick Davis, Men’s Admission Director


(513) 248-0452 Ext. 102

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Teen Challenge Cincinnati is a faith based, drug and alcohol residential treatment center. Teen Challenge is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) and is a tax-exempt entity in the state of Ohio. We are solely funded through the generosity of private individuals, businesses, foundations and you!

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