Teen Challenge Cincinnati Men’s Ranch and Women’s Maternity Home are Honor Accredited residential facilities within the Teen Challenge USA network.  A 6 to 9 month program, Teen Challenge Cincinnati is a faith based, highly disciplined educational program focusing on men and women (pregnant and not pregnant) 18 to 40 years of age.

Our purpose is to Restore God's Dignity and Destiny in the Hearts and Minds of Men, Women, and their Children!

Operating at a capacity of 36 men and 9 women. Teen Challenge Cincinnati is structured to meet the spiritual, mental and physical needs in the student’s lives.  Our focus is less on treating symptoms and more on addressing the constraints in an individual’s life.  Student’s go through intensive studies, receive their GED if necessary, participate in occupational therapy and receive life equipping skills along with job placement opportunities.

Teen Challenge Cincinnati, a 501 (c) (3) not for profit, is privately funded and derives its source of funding from the generosity of individuals, churches, businesses and program fees.  All students are subsidized by the ministry and individual program fees are only approximately 42% of our actual cost (not including any capital expenses).  Notwithstanding, we fully subsidize up to 25% of our bed space for truly destitute individuals.  If it is on your heart to donate, please do so!

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Dear Teen Challenge Family and Friends, 

Teen Challenge Cincinnati is a discipleship based program integrating learning and lifestyle.  Teen Challenge Cincinnati is all about relationship.  Teen Challenge Cincinnati is successful. We are not a half way house, crisis center, clinic, juvenile center or lockdown facility.  We operate on a progressive system of trust, responsibilities and privileges.   We have a no-nonsense, work hard – play hard schedule and   the staff are successful, mature, lay persons and pastors. 

The great and differentiating work we do here, however, is proving to these men that in life they can be more than conquerors—moreover that they can soar with God's help high above and over anything “their world” had to offer.  This is difficult, however, because it requires that these men press into a faith and lifestyle that is greater than their doubts and previous experience.  This would not be possible without our gifted staff, volunteers, and dedicated board of directors, working committees and you—those who faithfully support us with your prayers and gifts. 

Historically, an advancing army must have an adequate supply line, lest it be a short lived battle…and the further into enemy territory the more important it becomes for those supply lines to be kept up.  We are making great advances rescuing and recovering those bound and in captivity.

Thank you for supporting this ongoing struggle for the hearts and minds of men!

Christ's love has set me free, 

George Martin
Executive Director

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